Earlier this year the team at Wikia started down the path to redesign their product - a popular wiki hosting platform. Over the summer they brought me on the project as an interaction and visual designer. And just last month we let the redesign loose to a passionate community of select users. Our redesign effort concentrated on making the experience of using a wiki, where a community of users contribute the content, easier. It’s still too early to judge if we accomplished our goal of attracting a larger audience, helping them discover content, and engaging them as editors. However, after a couple weeks, the reactions that we are getting from users are encouraging and we’re excited to continue improving the site.

Credit for this redesign goes to a large number of people, all of whom put forth a great deal of effort. The group consisted of multiple designers, engineers, product managers and a community relations team, split between San Francisco and Poznan, Poland, where Wikia also has offices. These talented folks turned out an impressive product and for me, were a joy to work with. You’ll find a few screenshots from the design below. But I encourage you to take a look at the real thing on Wikia.com. There are over 160,000 wikis with subjects as diverse as food, popular TV shows, and even tractors. Who knows - you may find a community of people busy writing about your shared passions, and it just may encourage you to get involved.

Default skin seen on the Wikia travel wiki
Theme designer interface on Wikia allows users to easily customize the look of a wiki
Mad Men wiki shown with a user designed skin
Top ten list on Wikia